Mercedes Pepe, Ordained Ministerial Counselor, is Co-Founder of Power Technology, Success Coaching and Power Technology Coaching Academy and is certified at Level III in working with the clarity meter. Besides being a minister, counselor and facilitator of courses and groups, Mercedes also has designed and facilitated women’s weekend retreats and has trained couples in relationships since 2005. She is also a Master Reiki Healer and the author of the book: Correction of the Ego/Spirit Mind; available on Amazon.com. Mercedes is a member of Self Realization and has been trained in various degrees of meditation and has been trained as a Kriya Yogi.  Mercedes also has attended the Gnosis Institute and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. Mercedes is a graduate of Pathways of Life Spiritual College trained in the study of “A Course in Miracles.”

Archetypal Consultant: Mercedes has been trained through The Caroline Myss Institute.  Archetype is an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic image that is diverted from past collected experience of humanity and is present in the unconscious of the individual. Mercedes assists and mentors you through the process of identifying and working with your archetypes. With this work and her other modalities she’s created a phenomenal program for your growth.

Mercedes Pepe, O.M.C., is professionally trained and certified at Level III in working with the clearing bio monitor. Since 2000 she has mastered the skill of tapping into the subconscious mind to help her clients resolve:

Traumatic experiences

Fears and frustrations

Relationship issues

Inner conflicts

Confidence issues

Spiritual quandaries

Negative money conversations

Negative inner dialogue

Our Approach

As your Spiritual Adviser you will have the freedom and confidentiality to share, uncover and handle inner-personal challenges.  You will be asked carefully designed questions to help you examine incidents, beliefs and issues that you are currently dealing with.

This technology is not new, it's basic elements have been observed by psychological researchers since the turn of the century, by such greats as Carl Jung, and going back as far as Plato.

Why Us?

Mercedes is not a new upstart Life Coach.  She has been a Life Coach, and Spiritual Adviser since 1992 and co-founder of Power Technology Coaching and Power Technology Coaching Academy program.  She has dedicated her life to training and guiding others toward their Spiritual and emotional growth by helping to open the neural pathways into new ways of thoughts and mental attitudes for their highest potential.